How do I use Bright Breaks as a connection tool for my department?

A Resource for Team Leads and Managers

Connect your teams outside of routine work-related meetings and communications through 7-minute Bright Breaks!

Promote your team attending Bright Breaks together and:

  • Boost team engagement
  • Strengthen team connection
  • Demonstrate the importance of wellness
  • Give active permission for your team to take regular breaks during the workday
  • Have fun and relax with your team 7-minutes at a time!

How to Use Bright Breaks as a Team Connection Tool

Select a break at least once a week for your team to take together. For best chances of attendance, align the break with before or after standing team meetings.

Tip: For added engagement, let team members each week take turns in selecting the break to attend.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Ensure you and your team members have created their Bright Breaks account
    1. Visit and enter your work email address to get started
  2. Visit and select the All Breaks tab to choose a break
    1. Use the date selector in the top left corner above the break categories to see dates and times into the future
    2. Find a break that fits your team’s schedule
  3. Invite your team to the break
    1. Book Break 
    2. Select Add to Calendar
    3. Once the event is created for your calendar, invite your team to the calendar event
  4. Attend the break!
    1. Using the join link in the description of the calendar event, your team will be able to attend with their own accounts. 
    2. If they have not created an account yet, they will be prompted to do so.  For the best experience and to be able to join the break instantly, we recommend they create their account ahead of time. 
    Watch this 90 second video to see the above in action:

See more ways to invite co-workers to breaks here. 


Script to Invite Team

Hey Team, 

Let’s take a Bright Break together - our well-being is important, even during the workday!

Before our next meeting, I'd love for us to take a 7-minute break < break title > at < time> 

I've sent a calendar invitation to you all, I hope you can accept it.

Once the break is over, we'll hop into our meeting. 

If you haven't created your Bright Breaks account yet, do so here: