Posted by Amanda Clarke on May 10, 2021

Accessing yoga, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, and wellness sessions with the Bright Pass. 

The short answer: Bright helps people feel happier, healthier, and more connected. At its highest level, our virtual well-being platform - the Bright Pass - gives you or your team access to hundreds of virtual classes each week. But it's so much more than that.

A Bright Pass is an opportunity to shed light on your well-being. A tool to help make self-care a priority. It was designed to empower people from all walks of life to dive into areas of their lives that could use some brightening.

A Bright Pass is for anyone looking for an opportunity to make lifelong, sustainable, healthy behavior changes. Too good to be true? Read on. 


The Bright Pass Explained


Our Holistic Approach

Well-being is more than a workout. It's more than a guided meditation or yoga class. Don't get me wrong, it is those things, but it also should encompass social interaction and a healthy work/life balance. And that's where the light really shines on a Bright Pass.

It was created with a holistic approach to encompass the 4 pillars of well-being: mental well-being, physical well-being, social interaction, and work/life balance. 

A Bright Pass brings together mental & physical wellness and provides an outlet for social interaction through our live programming. That's right - a place where you can be reminded that even some days "it's hard to stand on two feet" but to always remember, "you showed up for yourself today."

Those words, spoken in real-time, leave a real impact. With access to the live platform, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the educators, ask questions and receive feedback.

It also encourages a healthy work/life balance. As adults, I'm sure we can all agree that we spend a significant amount of time at work.  So it makes sense that the food we consume and the well-being culture of our workplace poses the real potential to impact our overall well-being. The line between work and life shouldn't be blurred, but balanced.

With a Bright Pass, members can schedule their self-care as they see fit into their calendars. The Bright Pass empowers its members to make time for themselves whether it's 15 or 45 minutes - every minute counts. Those minutes are powerful. They help create balance throughout the workday, they help get the day started, and even help unload at the end of the day. 

What's Included

A Bright Pass gives you access to 40+ daily live sessions, including:

  • YOGA

In addition, it gives you access to Bright Events. These are anything from participating in a “Power of 2” Challenge (accountability at its best, might I add) to featured Keynote Speakers.

Join seminars on a wide range of well-being topics, like the ever-favorite “Gratitude Guy” Steve Foran, Leading with Empathy, Taking Inventory of Your Well-Being, and 3 Steps to Sustainable Health Behavior Change with Dr. Michael Vallis

Sounds pretty exciting doesn't it? All you're well-being in one place☀️ All of this is accessible via the Bright mobile app or from your computer. What's more, the Bright Pass is loaded with a library of On-Demand Session Replays, making well-being accessible anywhere, at any time. 

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Why is it important?

A Bright Pass comes equipped with important messages. It will help you make sense of why it’s so darn hard to make sustainable health behavior changes. We educate our members on the keys to sustainable behavior change and provide the platform to power health behavior goals. 

Chances are your day looks different from my day. The reality is self-care looks different to everyone and the Bright Pass is loaded with sessions that reflect just that - “something for everyone.”

A Bright Pass will help you schedule your self-care and make it a priority throughout your day. This could be a 15-minute chair stretch with a co-worker or friend, a 30-minute yoga class to help you unwind at the end of your day, or a Sweat HIIT Up session to kick-start your morning.

The key here is that there are options whether you're just embarking on your wellness journey and need a place to start or you need a place where you can access sessions safely and give you the challenge you're looking for - if you so choose! With a Bright Pass, I'm certain you'll find yours.

The Bright Pass is helping employers help their employees address well-being in the new dynamic workplace. It's helping students balance their online studies and prepare for their future. The Bright Pass is helping people make self-care a priority. 

Who is the Bright Pass for?

Bright Pass for Individuals

The Bright Pass was built to help create happier, healthier people. Individuals can join Bright on a monthly or annual subscription. The Bright Pass is for people who want to set goals (really SMART ones) and actually achieve them.

Click here to explore Individual Bright Pass options.

It's for people who want help in prioritizing their wellness by booking live sessions and scheduling them right into their calendar. It's for those who want access to an all-encompassing well-being program. The Bright Pass is for people who want access to well-being sessions no matter the day or time. It's for anyone looking for some social interaction with a side of accountability. The Bright Pass is for those who want to dive into their optimal health. It's for those who want to take inventory and action on their well-being.

It was created to provide both an individual who needs a place to begin and an individual who wants access to a live platform to satisfy their desire for BootCamp or a place to practice live guided meditation from the comfort of their home. Self-care looks different to everyone. The Bright Pass is for people who want to try new things and discover what it is about themselves that makes them take the steps towards sustainable health change. 

The Bright Pass is for people. It's our job to take care of ourselves. We can't control everything but you really can take control of the vessel that is you. It's important for everyone to take care of both mind and body and to have a balance between work, life, and social connections - all of these lead to happier, healthier people. And I'm sure we can agree, that is exactly what the world needs right now. 

So what happens if you've got a bunch of individuals? ⬇️

Bright Pass for Teams

The Bright Pass was purpose-built for the new dynamic workplace. Remote and flex-working had already begun to take off prior to COVID-19, but with the onset of the pandemic, the workplace changed drastically overnight. The new dynamic workplace deserves a well-being program built around those needs. 

The Bright Pass is helping HR teams avoid burnout. Instead of coordinating one-off, weekly, and monthly sessions themselves, they are leaving the well-being sessions to the team at Bright. 

Teams can arrange for Exclusive sessions too. These are only available to the members of their team. Teams can participate in the organized Bright Events or use the platform to create their own challenges that suit their team's needs - all in an effort to build connection amongst the team.

Businesses can have access to their team's Metrics Dashboard. This is a tool for teams to evaluate how their team is engaging, in what types of sessions, how often they are participating, who's participating, and more!

The Bright Pass is for Human Resource leaders who want to see the progress of their team. They also have access to a Dedicated Account Manager to help with onboarding and ongoing promotion and communications to their team. The team at Bright will help with as much (or as little) promotion of the Bright Pass allowing HR teams to address other tasks on their to-do list. 

Bright is trusted by companies like Rakuten Kobo, Thomson Reuters, and Equitable Bank. Want to learn more about the Bright Pass for your team?

Speak to an Engagement Specialist here.

3 Quick Tips to Make the Best of Your Bright Pass

  • Try out sessions to determine the ones that really “fill your cup” - part of making health behavior change is figuring out what motivates you - deep within you.
  • Evaluate your self-efficacy - are you your own worst enemy? Or your own biggest supporter? Belief can connect you to what you need.
  • Don’t feel you have to go at this alone - you shouldn't! Grab a co-worker, a friend, or join the Bright Community where inspiration, motivation, and empowerment shine - the funny thing about change is that it requires you to stick to it. 

Does it actually make you brighter?☀️

It sure can and it sure does. When you make self-care a priority you'll begin to see light shed on areas of your life that are ready for growth. I started on my Bright journey in September of 2020 and my well-being tracker tells me I’ve been at this for 37 consecutive weeks and quite frankly I have no intentions of breaking this very important streak. 

My Bright Pass has taught me some really important and powerful lessons. I mean I can’t give it all away but making sense of health behavior change and what it requires to achieve this type of change was instrumental in helping me propel forward with my goals. The very first session I ever attended was all about Gratitude with Steve Foran. I thought I knew what it meant to be grateful - and I did.

What I learned in that short time is what it meant to feel gratitude and how it can significantly impact your well-being by writing it down or saying it out loud. And to do it daily. Let’s just say I lean into this practice a lot and it has truly allowed for my mindset to grow substantially over the last 8 months. 

I started showing up in sessions, grateful that this door to Bright had opened. I learned to lean into the sessions that brought me joy. I know Bootcamp isn’t for everyone - but man does Tony, Bright Fitness Instructor, lead a killer class. Tony makes me feel like it matters that I showed up for myself. He encourages me to push and listen to my body all at the same time. And John, Certified in Rebalance Movement Personal Training & Functional Anatomy, who sparked this aha moment for me. He taught me during a LISS BLISS class that I didn't have to always be going full throttle to achieve the feeling you get after a great workout. Game-changer🙌

Then there's Elyse, Certified Yoga & Fitness Educator, who has this energy that lights up a room (and she's literally just there on my screen - I'm telling you LIVE sessions are fulfilling) Hopping onto sessions with Elyse always leaves me happy that I showed up. Stephanie, Certified Yoga Instructor & Bright Mindfulness Educator, helped me dive into my Yoga and Meditation practice with her kind and gentle reminders about how worthy we are of taking time for self-care.  And Keifer 🙏 , Certified Yoga Instructor . He has a genuine and easy-to-follow way with words that reminds me to breathe, how amazing it is that I have shown up for myself and that being mindfully present is absolutely worth practicing.15 Mindful Minutes can make the world of difference in this Mama’s life.

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Melissa, Registered Dietician and Bright Nutrition Educator helped me develop a relationship with food that I didn’t know was stopping me from reaching my goals. It's not about taking away foods but adding foods to support my goals and viewing food as my fuel. These are my personal connections. The thing about Bright is that everyone has their own unique connections - just like this. And I am certain you'll find yours. 

On that note, I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to read this. Ready to shed some light?

For individuals - head here | For your team - head here.

So, what are you waiting for? 

It could very well be one of your☀️brightest☀️decisions yet.  

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